Frequently asked questions

“How long will my extensions last?”

Average lash life is 30-45 days. The extension is attached to each individual lash, so when the lash falls off so will the extension. This is why a fill is necessary every 2-3 weeks to keep the fullness.

“How long will my individuals last?”

Individuals should last up to two weeks. Fills are not recommended for these because of the texture, but can be done at the lash artist’s discretion. New sets are recommended after two weeks.

“How do I maintain my lashes?”

Routine care is required for lash after care. Avoid touching the lashes, or spending any prolonged amount of time with the lashes wet. No steam or direct water to eyes during the first 48 hours. Any access water or oil based products to the eye area can cause premature loss of the extension or individuals. Blot or pat dry around lash area after washing face. Never rub your eyes with extensions or individuals. Do not pick, pull or rub the eyelash extensions/individuals. If you pick, pull on, or rub the eyelash extensions/individuals it may result in the premature, temporary or permanent loss of my extension and natural eyelashes. If you experience any itching or irritation, contact a medical doctor immediately and the lash artist to have the eyelash extensions removed.

“Can I wear makeup with my lashes?”

Yes, of course makeup can be worn with your lashes.